Scrappy shirt

Another (unhemmed!) self-drafted shirt from my trapeze shirt pattern. I added cut on sleeves with little cuffs, and will probably add a small mock button tab over the cuff. 

I think the next time I do one like this, I’ll need to lower the armholes a smidge more, and give more room for the hem. I’m going to have to roll this again once it’s been hanging for a bit, and I don’t like rolled hems.

This was scraps from my challis dress. I had just enough wide pieces left to make this work – the rest of the scraps are way too small, though I may wind up cutting some hexies or quilt squares with what’s left. 

Challis challenge

This is my first garment made with a pattern, and with a fabric I purchased: some rayon challis from a big box sewing store. The pattern is Butterick 5748, but with a half circle skirt instead of the full one. I also raised the back scoop a bit, and kind of threw away the direction.

I think if I make this again, I’ll go down a size or two in the top and just widen the waist a bit because the straps practically fall off. I suspect I’m also a bit narrow shouldered for my size, and I know I’m smaller busted so hopefully sewing a bit smaller will help.

The challis was a bit rough – sewing wasn’t so bad, although people were right, it stretches out – but the cutting was challenging. I did use weights and a rotary cutter but still manages to miscut the skirt a little bit. I saved it by evening it all out and then hand rolling the hem.

The whole thing is fully lined, which does help the fabric have some body and opacity, but means this garment probably won’t be a year-round option. 

Self-drafting fun

For my first foray into sewing clothing, I opted to create my own pattern, but to keep it simple. Most of what I’ve sewn in the past, clothing-wise, has been hand sewn so I’m not totally a beginner here. And when I would sew a dress by hand, I would just kind of figure out what shapes I needed and go from there. 

This is a trapeze dress, super easy, done from more of the quilting cotton my friend gave me. Without a belt, it’s loose and easy – but I already knew before I made it that I would mostly wear a belt. As a (relatively) small busted person, I like having a little extra fabric on top to kind of balance things out. 

Square dance shirt

I’ve been venturing into making my own clothes, now that I have a sewing machine that’s not terrible. This was my second effort – a self drafted trapeze too with a fun yoke. 

I’ve been working with a stash of quilting fabrics that a friend gave me, mostly purchased in the 80s and 90s. I’m having a lot of fun finding fabrics that will work for clothes. I loved this country plaid but knew I couldn’t get a whole shirt out of it, hence the yoke. The yoke used up the last scraps of my trapeze dress. 

You can’t see it here, but the yoke is lined with polka dot fabric. I love when the inside of clothes are just as pretty! Makes getting dressed just a little bit fancier.