Game box notebook

We always wind up with a zillion leftover board game boxes because publishers in America put expansions to games in new, almost full size boxes. (In France, at least, they put them in small tuck boxes – much more reasonable!) Since the expansions usually get filed away in the main box, we wind up with stacks of empty boxes. This is my attempt at using up some of them. 


Part of the interesting thing about the state of board games today is how much emphasis is put on getting a design published or manufactured. We decided to kind of flip that, and tried to make a game with pieces better geared toward making at home (or, in this case, with a laser cutter). 

This set of our game, Travelers, was cut from clear acrylic and painted. The player tokens are beads, and I’ve hand sewn a bag to hold the game. All told, it’s about four inches square and maybe an inch high packed up: perfect for globetrotting.