Challis challenge

This is my first garment made with a pattern, and with a fabric I purchased: some rayon challis from a big box sewing store. The pattern is Butterick 5748, but with a half circle skirt instead of the full one. I also raised the back scoop a bit, and kind of threw away the direction.

I think if I make this again, I’ll go down a size or two in the top and just widen the waist a bit because the straps practically fall off. I suspect I’m also a bit narrow shouldered for my size, and I know I’m smaller busted so hopefully sewing a bit smaller will help.

The challis was a bit rough – sewing wasn’t so bad, although people were right, it stretches out – but the cutting was challenging. I did use weights and a rotary cutter but still manages to miscut the skirt a little bit. I saved it by evening it all out and then hand rolling the hem.

The whole thing is fully lined, which does help the fabric have some body and opacity, but means this garment probably won’t be a year-round option.