Scrappy shirt

Another (unhemmed!) self-drafted shirt from my trapeze shirt pattern. I added cut on sleeves with little cuffs, and will probably add a small mock button tab over the cuff. 

I think the next time I do one like this, I’ll need to lower the armholes a smidge more, and give more room for the hem. I’m going to have to roll this again once it’s been hanging for a bit, and I don’t like rolled hems.

This was scraps from my challis dress. I had just enough wide pieces left to make this work – the rest of the scraps are way too small, though I may wind up cutting some hexies or quilt squares with what’s left. 

Self-drafting fun

For my first foray into sewing clothing, I opted to create my own pattern, but to keep it simple. Most of what I’ve sewn in the past, clothing-wise, has been hand sewn so I’m not totally a beginner here. And when I would sew a dress by hand, I would just kind of figure out what shapes I needed and go from there. 

This is a trapeze dress, super easy, done from more of the quilting cotton my friend gave me. Without a belt, it’s loose and easy – but I already knew before I made it that I would mostly wear a belt. As a (relatively) small busted person, I like having a little extra fabric on top to kind of balance things out.